Returning to church - or attending services from home

Returning to church and attending from home
We are looking forward to worshipping together again within St Andrew’s building, but we are obviously keen to keep everyone as safe as possible and need to follow the Government and Church of England Guidance.  We also recognise that many people will not feel safe entering an enclosed space like St Andrew’s yet, so there will be the opportunity to attend online. We will try to make the same service available simultaneously - if this does not prove possible, we will move to separate in-church and online services.

What it will be like
As things will be different from usual when we're back in church to start with, this video will give you a quick guided to tour to what will have changed when you arrive.

For the next few months
Either, if you intend to join us in person, please book in before 7pm on the Saturday before the service giving your name, contact number* and number of people attending from your household by emailing, texting 07588594410 or facebook messaging @standrews.northswindon.  (We will only be able to take the first 10 households who register and children will need to sit with their parents at all times).   Please also print and fill in this contact consent form and bring it with you if you haven't already done so. Please note we need this consent even if you have filled in the standard church consent form. For privacy details, see the COVID-19 privacy notice.

The words will be projected onto a screen but if you would rather read them from paper, please print them off at home and bring them with you.  You’ll find them here.

You are required to wear a face covering at all times when in the church building, except when taking communion. Each communicant should extend their hands to receive Holy Communion, with face covering in place. They should then lower or unloop the face covering, consume the consecrated bread (and wine if used) and replace the face covering before returning to their seat.

Or, if you’d rather stay at home, join us using the normal Zoom link.

* This is for the Government's Track and trace requirements.  Details will be kept 21 days only and not be used for any other purpose.


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